Basketball pic 1

Top left: Dylan Basham fights through contact to get the basket for the

Madisonville Fire Department during

Friday’s opening night festivities at the Rosenwald Multicultural Center. Left: Madisonville North Hopkins alum

Deljuan Johnson takes flight during his attempt in the dunk contest Friday evening.

The inaugural Unity 3-on-3 Tournament got started on Friday night at the Rosenwald Multicultural Center. Opening night featured three games between the Madisonville Fire Department and Madisonville Police Department along with 3-point contests and a dunk contest.

“I think it was a great night for our inaugural event,” said organizer Caleb Nelson. “The community really came out (Friday night), our local high schools and their football and basketball staffs coming out and showing their support and helping out. Just can’t thank everybody enough along with our sponsors. I’m excited about tomorrow’s events and what this will look like in the future.”

The event started with the Guns and Hoses playing a few games. The fire department swept the police winning all three games. The officiating crew was the Madisonville North Hopkins boys basketball coaching staff.

“It was a ton of fun for sure,” said firefighter Dylan Basham. “I don’t play basketball a whole lot anymore, but it’s fun to get out and shoot it around every once in a while.”

Following the games were 3-point contests divided by age group. Peyton Smith won the fourth through eighth-grade division while North’s Landon Cline won the high school contest. Temine Hubgood was the men’s winner and Tay Fostes won the women’s contest.

A dunk contest capped off the evening featuring former Maroon high flyers and current college basketball players Kenny White and Deljuan Johnson. They were both edged out by Jaforian Civils.

Today’s events will start at noon.

“We have five divisions,” Nelson said. “We’re thankful through a lot of help and prayer for our first year.”

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