Amid pandemic restrictions, and as spring sports return to action, it is a consistent theme across the regional tennis arena that, in spite of a low number of participants, some programs like Grayson County are anxiously awaiting the conclusion of basketball season so players can join the spring season.

The Grayson County Cougars and Lady Cougars found much success on the road this week, as they traveled to Owensboro High School for a series of matches on Tuesday afternoon.

The Owensboro senior men’s squad has one of the top singles players, Dylan Mather, a junior, and a former regional finalist as a freshman, and Grayson County’s Owen Brown went head to head with him on Tuesday, executing a good game plan despite dropping the set (4-6) (4-6).

The women’s squads matched up well, also, with all new players for Grayson County.

Coach Sherry Vincent said she is really proud of how the players are listening and learning with a “growing mind set.” She said they are learning to compete, and are excited about gaining winds in doubles.

Scores from the Owensboro matches are as follows:

Women’s Singles• Claire Elmore (GC) lost to Addie Travis (OHS) (2,6) (2,6).

• Izzie Weedman (GC) lost to Emma Embry (OHS) (2-6) (5-9).

• Payton Woosley (GC) defeated Whitley Ford (OHS) (8-6).

• Sami Woosley (GC) defeated Avery Elliott (OHS) (8-0).

• Terren Decker (GC) fell to Riley Hunt (OHS) (4-8).

• Edra Pawley (GC) defeated Salena Domingez (OHS) (8-1).

Women’s Doubles

• Payton Woosley and Izzie Weedman (GC) defeated Emma Embry and Whitley Ford (OHS) (8-6).

• Claire Elmore and Sami Woosley (GC) defeated Avery Elliott and Riley Hunt (OHS) (8-1).

• Edra Pawley and Terren Decker (GC) defeated Salena Domingez and Raseda Be (OHS) (8-1).

Men’s Singles

• Owen Brown (GC) lost to Dylan Mather (OHS) (4-6) (4-6).

• Chase Richardson (GC) defeated Walker Gaddis (OHS) (8-1).

• Griffin Powell (GC) defeated Sam Busse (OHS) (8-0).

Men’s Doubles

• Maxton Cummings and Griffin Powell (GC) defeated Dylan Mather and Walker Gaddis (OHS) (8-3).

Grayson County tennis was scheduled to return to Owensboro, Kentucky on Friday to compete against Owensboro Catholic, and will next travel to Bowling Green, Kentucky on Tuesday, March 22.

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