MURRAY — Losses like Hopkinsville’s 14-7 loss to Calloway County at Jack D. Rose Stadium on Friday night can teach you a lot about a team.

Head coach Craig Clayton said he learned some things about his group after the game.

“I think we’ve got some guys that are a little bit selfish — some guys are frontrunners,” he said. “We’ve played really well so far because we were ahead all the time. The first time we got behind it was like panic set in. We have some young guys in some positions that need to learn how to win, but there’s a couple spots on defense we’re still struggling at. Offensively I don’t think we had any rhythm all night. As a play-caller, I had trouble calling plays because nothing was getting executed all night. All-around it was just a bad night.”

The Tigers had their opportunities thanks to their defense, but five turnovers, four of which came on all four of their drives in the second half, gave the Lakers exactly what they needed to win.

Both of Calloway County’s touchdowns came off of Hopkinsville turnovers. The first coming from an interception from Drew Hudgin, who took the ball to the one-yard line. Zach Orange ran it on a few moments later.

The second on a fumble from Tigers’ quarterback Treyvon Jefferson. The Lakers started the drive at the Hoptown 25-yard line.

Jaxon McKay finished off that drive with a nine-yard score with about six minutes to go.

The Tigers had a chance at the end, but the Lakers were there to make the play to end the game and cap off the upset victory.

Clayton said his team, specifically offensively, were out of rhythm throughout the night.

“We were just disjointed all night,” Clayton said. “We definitely were out of sync. Passing game was out of sync. They had a really good gameplan, they did an excellent job — Calloway was the better team.

“Calloway was a little bit better than I thought they were. They’ve actually got a pretty decent team. We came down and weren’t ready to play and that’s what happens to you on a Friday night when you aren’t ready to play.”

Clayton said he didn’t think his offense executed well and they weren’t disciplined.

“We’re not a very disciplined team — we didn’t execute at all,” Clayton said. “I haven’t watched the tape, but I think I know what a lot of the problems were. If we don’t play well, we’ll get beat next week for sure so we’ve got to get back on track. You can be as athletic as you want, but if you don’t play hard and you aren’t where you should be, it really doesn’t make any difference.”

Following a loss, a big thing a coach wants to see is how his team responds. Clayton said he is going to look for his team to really bounce back in practice next week leading up to their contest with Union County.

“I want to see people come to practice on time, I want to see people grind it out through practice — I don’t want to see anybody walking, I don’t want to see anybody griping, I don’t want to see anybody point a finger,” Clayton said. “If you do, I’m kicking you off the field and sending you right to the locker room. We’re going to play with the guys that want to be there and we may not win another game this year, but I’m going to surround us with people who want to win.”

Calloway County 14, Hopkinsville 7

HOP (2-1) 7 0 0 0 — 7

CCHS (2-1) 0 7 0 7 — 14


HOP: Jayden Dillard 4 rush (PAT good), 7-0, 0:15 1Q

CC: Zach Orange 1 rush (PAT good), 7-7, 5:15 2Q

CC: Jaxon McKay 9 rush (PAT good), 14-7, 6:11 4Q


CC: Kanyon Franklin: 8-16-75

HOP: Trey Jefferson: 5-12-52


CC: Zach Orange: 20-92-1

HOP: Jayden Dillard 17-58-1


CC: Jacob Phillips: 3-25

HOP: Reeve Jesse: 3-32

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